34 kg

Working width:

62 cm

Total width:

80 cm


70 cm


130 cm

Collection container:

2 x 12 Litres

Drum pin spacing:

approx. 25mm x 28mm for apples and pears (pressed fruit)


Steering handle height adjustable


Pen drum height adjustable


24 inch solid rubber tyres

Fruit picking machines Type 800

Fruit collector with two bins

Fruit pickers type 800 are designed for easy collection of the pressed fruit with two collecting bins. These machines, commonly called Obstigel, have a pure working width of 62 cm and move the fallen fruit into two buckets, each with a capacity of twelve litres. The height is adjusted according to the size of the fruit and the ground. This automatically reduces the effort required.

Obstigel with height adjustable parts

To ensure that the fruit harvester or fruit hedgehog type 800 with 24 inch solid rubber tyres is also easy and handy to operate, the steering handle and pin drum have been designed to be height-adjustable. The machine from Huemer Maschinenbau can also be used on slopes and picks up fruit with a diameter of 3-15 cm quickly and cleanly.

We would be happy to demonstrate the function of our fruit pickers Type 800 in person. Make an appointment with the experts at Huemer Obsterntetechnik and soon you will be enjoying sustainable work relief.