35 kg

Working width:


Total width:



70 cm


95 cm

Collection container:


Rope diameter:

8 mm

Rope length.

12 m

Scope of delivery.

Schong belt (NO JOINT)


Drive through power take-off shaft


Incl. strap for fastening to the tree

Apple shakers, pear shakers etc.: Sturdy - Simple - Affordable

Are you looking for a device to shake fruit trees? Huemer Obsterntetechnik offers you the tried and tested fruit shaker. Simply attach it to the front or rear of your implement using a power take-off shaft. The fruit shaker is attached to the trunk or branch with an 8 mm steel cable 12 m long. A strap is used as a fastener to protect the bark. And off you go for your use as an apple shaker, pear shaker, plum shaker, apricot shaker, nut shaker, as well as many other types of fruit.

We would be happy to explain the function of our fruit shakers to you personally. Make an appointment with the experts from Huemer Obsterntetechnik and soon you will be enjoying sustainable work relief.