TYPE 1500


95 kg

Working width:

141 cm

Total width:

150 cm


80 cm


200 cm

Collection container:

3 x 18 Litres

Drum pin spacing:

approx. 25mm x 28mm for apples and pears (pressed fruit)


Powered by motor mower Lawn mower tractor or yard tractor


Also available with tub Capacity 95 L


Pin drum height adjustable (individual suspension of drums)

The fruit collector with drive plays all the pieces:

With a working width of 142 cm and 3 collection buckets with a capacity of 18 litres each (can alternatively be supplied with a 95 litre bucket), this fruit collector is operated by a yard tractor, motor mower or lawn mower.

Pen drum:

The fruit is pierced by the inserted wire pins and stripped into the respective containers. Drum, pins and deflector grid are made of food-safe stainless steel and guarantee a long service life. The drum is driven automatically via the base, thus ensuring optimum rotation. Furthermore, a special protective grid protects against injuries.

Height adjustment:

As the size of the fruit and the terrain require different working heights, the collector is equipped with a height adjustment. Type: 800, 1100 and 1100E

Individual suspension of the working drums:

The pin drums are individually suspended and thus adapt to the respective floor. Type: 1100 and 1100E

Parking brake:

Der Bremshebel kann in die Rasthaken eingehängt werden und somit erfolgt eine Radbremsung (bei allen Typen vorhanden).

Height adjustment
Single suspension der
Parking brake
Pin drum

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