TYPE 1100M


46 kg

Working width:

92 cm

Total width:

112 cm


70 cm


140 cm

Collection container:

2 x 18 Litres

Drum pin spacing:

approx. 20mm x 22mm for plum, apricot, of course also apples and pears (for small fruits from approx. 25mm)


Steering handle height adjustable


Pin drum height adjustable (individual suspension of drums)


24 inch solid rubber tyres


Front wheel can be anchored

Fallen fruit collector Type 1100M for Plum/Apricot

Innovative fruit harvesting technology, pin spacing approx. 2 cm​

A fallen fruit pick-up device type 1100M, also known as a fruit fakir, is your faithful companion in everyday harvesting. Picking up pressed fruit requires a certain amount of time, which this device reduces significantly and drastically. The working width of 92 cm adapts to any surface and deposits the fruit into the two 18-litre buckets using innovative fruit harvesting technology.​

Obstfakir with front wheel steering​

To facilitate the handling of the fallen fruit collector, the steering handle and pin drum have been equipped with a device for adjusting the height. In addition, the drums automatically adjust to differences in height as well as different fruit sizes. The steerable front wheel easily negotiates small obstacles.

Height adjustment
Steering 360°

New as of 2024
Single suspension der
Parking brake
Pin drum

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